Lindsay Bodenham


Lindsay Bodenham (Independent)

My name is Lindsay Bodenham, and I am a third-year electrical engineering student.

I am running for Science and Engineering Faculty Representative for three very specific reasons:

To accurately represent one of the largest cohorts of Curtin: Engineering Students.
To win back your trust in The Guild.
To tell Curtin that it's time they pulled their heads in.

The engineers don't normally get involved in politics at Curtin, but with Guild promises consistently being broken, Curtin cutting funding and staffing year after year, it's about time that we, as engineers, remind Curtin and The Guild what we can do.

It's time for the engineers to step in.

So why me? I volunteer during the week with Curtin Volunteers! as well as the John Curtin Weekend Program as a site leader and other volunteering agencies outside of Curtin. I'm currently on the executive committee of the Curtin Engineers Club and am likely someone you've had in your classes during your time here at Curtin. I have had internships, vacation work, late submissions, pass-fails, high distinctions, bad group members, new lecturers, Covid lockdown. I am someone who knows your frustrations, I’ve seen it all.

This is why I am committed to being YOUR Faculty Representative.

This is why I am the man for the job.