Kuda Juru


Kuda Juru (Independent)

My Background

My name is Kuda, I will be entering the final year of my studies in 2022, and I would like to be YOUR Accessibility Officer for 2022. I have spent the last 5 years working as a support worker and I have a solid track record in empowering people with disabilities to achieve their goals. I would like to implement my experience at university and work towards achieving an equitable learning environment for all students!

My previous studies in occupational therapy translate positively to the accessibility officer role. I am acutely aware of how the environment impacts students, and I have the skills to address these barriers.  I developed advanced interpersonal skills during my time studying OT, and I will employ them by listening to you and responding to your needs through a person-centred approach.

I strongly believe that my experience and skillset make me the best candidate for the Accessibility Officer role in 2022.

Why I would like to be your Accessibility Officer.

Did you know that students with a disability are 10% less likely to successfully complete their undergraduate course than their counterparts who do not have a disability? Disabled students are just as hard-working as their able-bodied counterparts, and the discrepancy between the 2 groups is unacceptable.

If you elect me as your Accessibility Officer, I will listen and work alongside you to level the playing field for all students. I pledge to:

  • Host focus groups: Your Curtin accessibility officer is there to listen to your needs. If elected as accessibility officer, I will host focus groups for students to discuss how they feel their university can better accommodate them.
  • Advocate for a sensory friendly learning environment: Curtin’s harsh lighting conditions impose a suboptimal learning environment for students with sensory processing differences. Adjustable lighting should be standard issue across all classrooms.
  • Advocate for increased access to counselling services: This period of global uncertainty is not a time to limit the available counselling services but rather it is a call to do the exact opposite. I will passionately fight to maintain Curtin’s Counselling and psychological services and increase their capacity.
  • Fight Curtin’s parking ticket system: Curtin’s fine system inordinately targets students with disabilities. Students who experience executive dysfunction are not cash cows, and their impairment should not be exploited for profit! I endeavour to advocate for optional parking permits for students who want them, and for CelloPark reminders to be incorporated into lecture slides.
  • Collaborate with the student guild department for second tuition week: University is exhausting for all students, but it is emphatically so for students with disabilities. Bring back our second tuition free week!!
  • Host events to promote visibility of students with disabilities: Curtin University students are leaders of the future. It is imperative for them to graduate with an informed understanding of disability. I pledge to advocate for events that promote an inclusive university culture.


Closing Statement

Think diverse ideas, think experience, think inclusion. 

Vote [1] Kuda Juru for Accessibility Officer.