Joshua Cooper


Joshua Cooper (Illuminate)

??Hi, my name is Joshua Cooper, I am a third-year bachelor of pharmacy student and I will be running for the position of Guild Councillor with Illuminate for 2022.

Having been at Curtin for 5 years now, I still speak to students who see the guild as something that has never played a huge part in their university experience. However, students unknowingly have been experiencing the direct impact of Illuminate-led initiatives over the last year such as the continued fight against blended learning and the push to bring back our 2nd tuition free week. It is clear to see the direct difference that student led leadership can have on student wellbeing across campus. 

The Curtin Student Guild is a platform for student-led change to better the university experience for students. This is something I have been working on learning to get involved in over the last year and using that experience to assist students in making the most of their Curtin journey. I believe that the work that Illuminate has done over the past few years has been incredible and I want to further the change that can be made to all of our academic lives. 

The creation of a more vibrant campus is important to students social wellbeing, the creation of a better culture of mental health awareness is vital to students mental wellbeing and more services around campus are critical to students physical wellbeing. Improvements to these key areas on campus are just the start of what you can expect from another year of an Illuminate-led Curtin Student Guild. We will tirelessly work to make your student experience the best it can be! 

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