Jesse Naylor Zambrano


Jesse Naylor Zambrano (Illuminate)

Howdy! My name is Jesse Naylor Zambrano, I use she/they pronouns, I’m a third year Economics and International Relations student, and I’m running to be your Nation Union of Students delegate in 2022 with Illuminate!

Throughout 2020, I’ve had the immense pleasure of serving as your Guild President. As your Curtin representative at the national level, I will advocate for the NUS to meet the needs and demands of Curtin students.

The National Union of Students is our highest representative body, and its role is to coordinate national campaigns that connect students across the country, and push the government to act in students best interest. But often, I feel that it gets caught up in pandering to political parties in order to lobby them, forgetting that their power comes from the backing of the everyday students they represent.

As a member of Illuminate, I strongly believe that student representation should be 100% independent, progressive and student focused.

I believe that the NUS should take a grassroots approach, rekindling the connections between unions around the country. The NUS should prioritise building strong nationwide networks of support and information sharing, for more effective national campaigns that kick goals for students.

I believe the NUS should be focused on the issues affecting students, not the interests of political parties or organisations. As an independent representative, I will represent Curtin students on the national stage and advocate for policy that will cater to our campus’ needs.

I will take strong stances in support of free fully funded higher education, supporting disadvantaged students from diverse and minority backgrounds, action on the climate crisis and opposing the corporatisation of universities.

Got a question? Come talk to me near the Clubs HQ or Humanities voting booths 9AM-4PM, 20th-23rd of September.

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