Jasmyne Tweed



Jasmyne Tweed (Illuminate)

Hello! My name is Jasmyne Tweed and I’m a second year Law and Commerce student and I will be an Ordinary Representation Board Member in 2022. 

The past couple of years have been tough for all of us. Like many, I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without the support of those around me, including support from the Guild as they have continued to advocate for the rights of students during this unprecedented time.

I would love to give back some of the support I have received, straight to the students of Curtin.  

From a young age I have understood the importance of using my voice for what is right. I attended my first protest in 2011 and from that moment onwards I have been actively speaking out against social issues, from G20 decisions to the Black Lives Matter movement. I promise to use this same voice to advocate for the rights and experiences of students as an Ordinary Representation Board Member.

With university fees rising, I am highly passionate about improving the standard of education taught at Curtin. This includes fighting against the isolating experience that is online lectures by making in-person lectures an option for all students, in all faculties. Lecture recordings from 2019 are no longer cutting it. It’s time to say goodbye to recycled content.

As an Ordinary Representation Board Member I hope to improve the Curtin experience from the moment you drive on campus, by fighting to reduce parking fines. Campus should also be a place that is thriving and celebrates Curtin’s diversity. By increasing funds for clubs to run free events on campus, we will be right on track in bringing back campus culture. 

This such a short and exciting time in our lives that alongside other members of Illuminate, I hope to make the best environment possible for you to create those uni memories.

I promise to fight for the best student experience for you.