Imari Morris


Imari Morris (Illuminate)

My name is Imari and I use she/they pronouns. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations. I am currently in my third year at Curtin, and I am running to be an Ordinary Representation Board Member.

I believe in making the University experience something that is accessible and enjoyable for all students. I am passionate about support for students that are struggling, such as well-funded and effective mental health services and other social supports. I also feel strongly that there should be less barriers to accessing AccessAbilty services at the Uni, because requiring a diagnosis to receive a Curtin Access Plan effectively puts a monetary barrier to getting accommodations, and not everyone can afford a diagnosis. I think that with education moving online it is especially important that accommodations—such as captions on lectures—be more readily available to people who need them.

This is my first time getting involved with the Guild and student politics, and I believe I can bring a unique, fresh perspective to the Guild and the university at large. If elected I will be fully committed to being a member of the Representation Board and I know I will be a strong advocate for students. I will raise awareness to the University of the student experience, and how it has changed from how it was before 2020, to fight for a student experience that improves rather than declines.

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