Hameed Mohammad


Hameed Mohammad (Illuminate)

Hi wonderful postgrads, my name is Hameed; I am a Master of Nursing practice student. My journey at Curtin started in 2020, and I have had a successful year as a student mentor here.

I want to have a positive impact at Uni. In my work so far as a student mentor, I have: Assisted students and fellow mentors with academic issues, helped in the development of the MNP digital portfolio and organised library study sessions to help new students with referencing and research skills.

As I stated on Curtin’s social media websites on international nurses’ day, we shouldn’t worry about how big or small we are creating change for the future, as long as we are making a positive difference. With this in mind, I am running to be your Postgraduate Student Committee President for 2021.

I’d like to focus on issues impacting our Curtin postgraduate student community. I want to work on: Providing more academic help for students Advocating for in-person lectures helping students to access more free counselling sessions and minimising prolonged waiting periods at the Curtin counselling clinic. Developing and implementing solutions to create a high-quality postgraduate education and more vibrant campus life. Covid-19 support for domestic and international postgraduate students, advocating for sustainable and environmentally positive projects and environmental consideration in all areas.

Most importantly, in this position, I would prioritise having your voice be my voice, I would work hard to deliver your message and bring positive changes that the Curtin community would like to see. I will continue to support and represent students to a higher degree with the goal of making the post-grad experience better.