Dylan Botica


Dylan Botica (Illuminate)

Ahoy-hoy, my name is Dylan Botica, I’m a Psychology and Commerce (Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations) student excited to be a candidate to represent you as Representation Board Member and NUS Delegate. 

These past few years I have been delighted to be your Guild Councillor (2019-22), Accessibility Officer (2020), Business and Law Representative and Chair of the Representation Board (2021). In these capacities I have fought for important changes including closed captioning for all students, ensuring clubs are well funded and supported, a fairer parking system and was proud to be a part of the Illuminate team that defeated mandatory online learning through the Blended Learning campaign.

My experience means that if you choose to elect me you will receive a committed representative that works hard to deliver outcomes for all students.
I am particularly passionate about delivering a fairer parking system. This year we conducted research into our parking system and the steps we need to take to change it for the better. If I’m elected I look forward to being part of an Illuminate team that can drive these changes. I am passionate about improving the quality of higher education – pushing against the youtube-ification of our degrees. Our educations are costing us increasingly unreasonable amounts of money and in return we are faced with staff too overworked to help, recycled materials and fat cats on the big bucks. If given the opportunity to be re-elected I will fight for a better future. 

Another issue I’m interested in is fighting for the SSAF we pay to be spent by students, for students. Currently 50% of our SSAF goes to support initiatives like clubs, events, reducing the cost of food on campus, supporting students in crisis, financial support programs, Student Assist, student kitchens, campaigns and so much more. The rest goes to the University to spend. I believe that student services should be run for and by students. 

If you elect me and the Illuminate team you are guaranteed a proactive, progressive and 100% Curtin student focused Guild that fights for you, with you every step of the way.

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