Clare Metcalf



Clare Metcalf 

My name is Clare Metcalf and I am studying a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Event Management. I will be your Vice President - Activities in 2022, the Guild Officer who is primarily responsible for Events and Curtin Guild Clubs.

I’ve been in the Guild for two years, first as an Ordinary Representative and then as Accessibility Officer. This has given my experience with advocacy, delivering events for the Accessibility Department, and working with my fellow reps. I’ve also held positions on the Curtin Writers Club committee, including Treasurer, Vice-President and President, during 2020 while we navigated lockdowns and providing events for our members. This has given me experience with events from a club and Guild perspective, as well as insight into what it’s like to interact with the Guild as a club.

My over-arching goal will be to give as many students as many opportunities to go to events as possible. The Guild will continue to deliver its large trademark events, such as Tav Parties, the Guild Ball, and Pasar Malam, giving new students and students who have missed out on campus culture in their first years due to COVID restrictions the chance to experience the events that made my first years at Curtin so exciting. I would also continue smaller scale events such as Upcycle Markets and the Cat Cafe, and provide support for events from clubs, Equity Officers and Faculty Representatives so that there’s always something to do on campus. Illuminate will advocate to the University for the expansion of common free time, so that events can be held on different days and times without students missing out due to class, and to reduce clashes between events.

Clubs play a very important role in a thriving campus culture, and I will work to increase funding and resources for clubs, to create more opportunities for collaboration and larger club events, and to provide more opportunities for students to connect with clubs outside of O-Day. I will also work towards making it easier for students to find clubs and become members.

Giving as many students as many opportunities as possible to go to events also means making sure events are accessible and varied. I will uphold the practice of making events physically accessible and welcoming to all students, and expand the sensory accessibility of events, such as through including quiet/chill out spaces at more events. I will also work with Equity Officers to create events to build their communities but also to advocate for them, such as events that highlight how the Bentley Campus is not physically accessible.