Cherry Chen


Cherry Chen (Illuminate)

Hello! My name is Cherry and I’m a Hospitality and Tourism student who is running to be a 2022 Guild Council Member.

These couple years have certainly been rough for many, as a student who started in 2021, university began unlike anything imagined. With everything going on, it’s understandable to feel lost and confused, that’s why having a supportive university environment is crucial. I have been an FBL Student Consultant Representative for almost 2 years, which has given me insight to providing guidance and support to students at Curtin. It’s important to have the voice of students heard and that’s what I aim to continue doing.

As a Council Member I would ensure that the voice and needs of Curtin students would not go ignored. There are so many experiences and potentials to create amazing memories here at Curtin. I’m passionate to work towards providing students with an environment where it’s comfortable and filled with opportunities, from more manageable and fair assessments to dynamic campus events. Together with Illuminate, we strive to make iLectures clear and easy to understand, interactive learning environments to make tutes much more rewarding and livening up campus with festive events! I will protect the rights of students on campus and online, making sure everyone gets to enjoy university without feeling overburdened.

Curtin is an incredibly diverse environment; striving for awareness and support is what myself and other Illuminate candidates will do. Regardless of who you are or where you are from, there should be equality, supports and cross-value understanding that breaks down misconceptions. We want closed-captioning on iLectures for all, easily accessible facilities and services and advocate for increased staff training on a wide variety of disabilities, mental health conditions and neurodiversity. I’ll be fighting to ensure Curtin is a place where everyone feels safe and welcomed.

Aiming to safeguard quality education and provide memorable student experiences here at Curtin, as a Council Member I would work with a strong student body and continue the Guild as an independent and accountable representation who everyone can rely on. As a Curtin student, I am here to represent Curtin students!

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