Cassidy Pemberton


Cassidy Pemberton (Illuminate)

Hello! I'm Cassidy, my pronouns are she/they, and I will be your Queer Officer, Guild Councillor and NUS Delegate in 2022.

Throughout 2021 I have worked as the Curtin Student Guild’s Women’s Officer, a position where I achieved some amazing things. I created and manage a Facebook group and Discord server for the community, have run several events on and off-campus, and conducted a full review of the Respectful Relationships module. I was also lucky enough to speak on behalf of young women at the Women’s March4Justice.

My experience goes beyond my role however, as I was presented the chance to become more involved and I was a member of the Activities and Commercial Services Committees, which gave me more insight into the inner workings of the Guild.

I care deeply about helping people and have strong beliefs that lead me to passionately advocate for the LGBTQI+ community, feminism, mental health and making sure education is as accessible as possible.

I am hard-working, committed, creative, and will put my all into the role of Queer Officer. If successful my goal is to make the process of changing your name in the Curtin system easier, as well as continuing to support and create opportunities for the queer community.

Overall, I will be a strong, decisive, and productive voice for students within the LGBTQI+ community.
I'm a proud queer woman. To be given the chance to represent my community would be an incredible honour and joy.