Bridge Truell


Bridge Truell (Illuminate)

Hi, my name's Bridge (they/them or he/him), I'm a 4th year psychology student, and I'm running with Illuminate for Representation Board and NUS in 2022. 

Like Illuminate, I started at Curtin way back in 2015 and have been lucky enough to reap the benefits of an Illuminate majority Guild during my time here. Free Guild membership, vibrant Equity Departments, reduced late assessment penalties for the first 24 hours, and student-priced food have been a few products of Illuminate's past hard work that I've benefited from as a student during my time here. 

After watching the incredible work of the student representatives before me and finding an accepting, progressive, and supportive family within Illuminate, I knew I had to step up and get involved. 

If you want to make sure Curtin students receive the same opportunities for years to come, vote for the only ticket with a proven track record of successfully fighting for your education and student experience. 

Vote [1] Bridge Truell for Ordinary Representation Board Member!
Vote [1] Bridge Truell for NUS Delegate!
Vote [1] Lucy Rohl for President!
Vote [1] Illuminate!