Athina Hilman


Athina Hilman (Illuminate)

Hi My name is Athina Hilman and I am a second year student studying Journalism and PR/Marketing and I will be a Guild Councillor in 2022.

I believe university can be better than what it currently is. I have a passion in ensuring the university continually engages with its students as a partnership, to ensure our voices are being heard. I am a huge advocate for events on campus, such as mini music festivals at the Tav or campus movie nights. Fun extracurricular activities such as these creates bonding experiences for students. I will continue to advocate for student centric events, creating a livelier campus atmosphere. 

I firmly believe that the culture at university needs to be engaging for students in order for them to willingly participate. Our courses need to be engaging, preferably with face to face activities and no recycled content. I speak for myself when I say that recycled lecture slides do more harm than good, and university teaching materials should be reviewed each year to ensure its relevance. University is an expensive investment, so I will fight to ensure that each and every one of us is given the highest standard of education. 

I have been a New To Curtin mentor for the past year, where I mentor new students at Curtin. I am also a Connect Belong mentor for the Faculty of Humanities, where I participate in hosting workshops for incoming students. On top of this, I co-host and co-produce Turning Point, a Curtin University podcast dedicated to shinning a spotlight on all things Humanities. All of these experiences have all been voluntary, as I am dedicated to helping as many students pursue their passion in the arts. 

As someone who has had their struggles with mental health, I also want to help put policies to ensure students feel less pressure and stress. I believe the university should change the way it delivers it courses so that students who are struggling are given the help they need. I believe quite strongly in this. If elected, I would like to gather input from students on how we can make this a reality. 

I believe I am the best candidate for this position because I am determined, resilient, hard-working and friendly. I believe in inclusivity, collaborative work and most importantly : I care. I care about your student wellbeing.

I care about your education and most of all, I care about your student experience here at Curtin.