Amber Hilston


Amber Hilston (Illuminate)

Hello, my name is Amber Hilston. I am studying a Bachelor of Social Work here at Curtin University, and I will be your Health Science Faculty Representative in 2022.

I identify as a woman (she/her), a feminist and a firm advocate for affiliating hope as a key tool with mental health recovery practices. I am assertive, accommodating and driven when conveying the best interests of those around me. I am extremely intrigued by the human experience, and how it shapes us and our individual journeys. Everyone has a story, and everyone deserves a space to share it. My core value is that each of us are entitled to our most fulfilling lives regardless of personal circumstances, orientation, race or religion. I am passionate about person-centred experiences and care, and how these practices can provide endless opportunities for growth.

It is my belief we can attempt to personalize learning experiences of the community here on campus by interweaving person-centred development throughout the governing bodies of the University. I intend to carry this into the role as a Health Science Faculty Representative. I have worked in early education and care for four years outside of my studies. In this time, I have maintained that honoring our needs, boundaries and expectations can be transferred from early stages of life into adulthood. This is just as important in our lives within the campus community. We have voices as students that are unheard by those who need to hear it most.

Recently, more students have approached me describing their experiences with insensitive grading feedback. Some students have claimed to not receive adequate support or allowances when endeavoring grief and loss from loved ones. This profoundly affects personal motivation and belonging on campus. There is an inconsistency in investing in the mental health of our students and staff, and I intend to investigate and improve this within our faculty.

The university is employing cost-cutting, which is heavily impacting grading and the quality of our enjoyment on campus. I believe that we can collaborative with teaching staff to resist these cost-cutting measures. In addition, there are many concerns with students studying units where content can be outdated or irrelevant to our degree. This is something I think can be improved to promote the best experience on campus for all of us. These are few of the key issues I intend to pursue within this role.