Adrijan Levis


Adrijan Levis (Illuminate)

Hello! My name is Adrijan Levis, I’m a Theatre Arts major, and I’m running for a position as an Ordinary Representation Board member. 

I am a major advocate for equality in all areas, with my attention focusing mainly on disabled, queer, and Indigenous voices, as these are some of the communities I fall into. If elected, I will be working towards removing the need to have a specific diagnosis to get a Curtin Access Plan, introducing more accessible options for lecture material (including having closed captions on all pre-recorded content), and working with fellow Guild members to keep transgender and gender diverse students safe and happy on campus, such as allowing students to remove their deadnames from tutors’ lists. 

Every student has the right to learn and thrive, and I want to make sure that this right is respected in the university, especially for minority groups. This is my first time running in the Guild elections, and I could not be more excited to be running with other Illuminate team members. Be sure to vote for me in the elections if you too are passionate about your own rights and the rights and wellbeing of your fellow students! 

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