Adam Reader


Adam Reader (Illuminate)

Hello, my name is Adam Reader, my pronouns are he/him, and I will be a Guild Councillor in 2022.

I am currently in my second year, studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts majoring in Screen arts, a degree I entered after completing the UniReady course.

Personally, I value bringing equity and equality to the student experience and believe that all students deserve the right to a good education. Curtin hosts a range of diverse students, with diversity in gender, race, sexuality, and ability. I believe that no one should be discriminated against because of these things and I, alongside illuminate, will fight for the right to make sure every student has a quality education, free from discrimination.

As Guild Councillor I will be a strong voice for students across campus, and will help to develop strategies and campaigns that will improve education and campus life. I also wish to help the continual development of Curtin’s environmental and sustainability policies to ensure Curtin continues to be conscious about the planet and environment.

I hold strong values in environmental action, justice, and sustainability, and I believe that in building a more sustainable future a key role to be had is by Students and Education, as we work to better educate students about environmental issues and how we can go forward in any career sustainably.

I have been building my community organising skills through my work in climate activism and political campaigns. I worked with Clean State and 350 Perth to campaign against the Scarborough Gas Project, and campaign for a clean jobs guarantee from the state government. This has given me the skills to take the issues that students have and develop them into an effective campaign within the Guild to help make your experience at Curtin as positive as it can be.