Focus for 2022

My focus this year is to:

  • Engage first year students in Guild and Club events/activities
  • Advocate for all students in Science and Engineering
  • Work with the University Staff to create a sense of Community within the Schools and Faculty

What does this role do?

Represent thousands of students in your faculty from across the globe to ensure that they receive a high quality and accessible education in a really unique role. 

This representative attends:

  • Maintain faculty Facebook group
  • Participating in student discipline panels and committees that create courses and units.
  • Help students navigate problems they face at University.
  • Contribute to improving the quality of education at Curtin.
  • Run events for students in the faculty and help with orientation.
  • Sit on Guild boards and committees to make sure we appropriately represent students in the faculty

This representative attends:


About Rachel

I’m a Chemistry Major, currently in my honours year. I got involved in the Guild because I wanted to be able to ensure that students at Curtin got the most out of their degree. Before becoming Faculty Representative, I was heavily involved in Clubs, and was a committee member of 3 science clubs. I think being able to use clubs as a space to engage with students is especially important, as they often provide the most rewarding extra-curricular experiences for students.

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