Focus for 2024

My focus this year is to:

  • Improving the study experiences for postgraduate students at Curtin University.
  • To promote HDR policies which are more friendly and consistent for students.
  • To have wider opportunities for collaboration with industries, internships and community services for postgraduate coursework and research students
  • Developing and supporting the postgraduate student clubs at the university.
  • To advocate student issues to the university leaders related to study and research experiences, mental health, study load and funding.

Latest Updates

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Honorary PSC Presidents

(Previously CUPSA)

2023   Mitch Craig
2022   Hameed Mohammed
2021   Hameed Mohammed
2020   May Majimbi
2019    Romana Rea
2018    Romana Rea
2017    Abhishek Singh
2016    Aminul Haque
2015    Achmad Room Fitriano
2014    Gerard Gill
2013    Ghaith Naser Al-Eitan
2012    Chamonix Terblanche
2011    Andrew Cameron
2010    Mohammed Binesh
2009    Lynda Wright-Coles
2008    Meera Navaratnam
2007    Jun Chih
2006    Wendy Chan She Ping
2005    Tanya Vernon
2004    Tim Simmons
2003    Hannah Williams
2002    Jennifer Lowe
2001    Adrienne Rashford
2000    Lara Jefferson
1999    Rod Jarman

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What does this role do?

Champion the continued improvement and defend the current value of postgraduate education at Curtin University.

  • Chair Meetings of the Postgraduate Students Committee and facilitate the generation of ideas and initiatives from the committee.
  • Report to the Guild Council and the Vice President - Education regarding all matters affecting the postgraduate student experience.
  • Represent your fellow postgrads on high level committees of the university, communicating their experiences and ideas for better postgraduate education.
  • Ensure representation on all postgraduate level committee so that the student voice is heard from students.
  • Communicate and engage with the postgraduate student community through social media and events.

This representative attends:

About Bustanul

I am doing a PhD program in International Relations within the Faculty of Humanities focusing on international peace and conflict. I have previously completed a master's degree in International Relations in the UK and a bachelor's degree in International Relations in Indonesia. I have been an experienced professional worker for more than ten years with a demonstrated history of working in university institutions, consulting companies, manufacturing companies, and social community organisations, in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

In relation to academic activities, I worked as a junior lecturer of international relations from 2016 to 2022 at President University and Paramadina University in Indonesia. Involvement in student clubs/organisations is also part of the experiences where I became a leader of student organisations in the UK, Indonesia and Australia. I have interests and motivations in leadership and governance, peace sustainability, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, transformation, and politics.

Postgraduate Student Committee Members

This committee is responsible for promoting and assisting in educational, welfare and social activities for all postgraduate students. 

PSC President

Bustanul Arifin

Jihee Lee

PSC VP - Coursework

Pranav Sharma

Hannah Pizzey

PSC VP - Research

Ravi Bagga

Kareena Pokharel

PSC Secretary

Rezwanul Islam


PSC Business & Law

Eshan Taneja

PSC Science & Engineering

Aaina Goyal

PSC Health Sciences

Nandani Khetia

Anika Saima

PSC Humanities

Anne Vallery

Mitra Elmi

PSC Councillor

Anjana Karunraj

Mika Lewkowicz

PSC Councillor

Yeamin Siddiqi Ammar

PSC Councillor

Samuel Oppong

Snow Wong

PSC Councillor

Manit Sailesh Jain

PSC Councillor


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