Focus for 2022

My focus this year is to:

  • Activate the campus and make it a vibrant space to come to for more than your classes
  • Increase the accessibility of the campus and learning materials
  • Implement a better feedback process for units
  • Create more flexible parking options!

Latest Updates

What does this role do?

Be the channel for feedback and ideas between us students and Curtin’s senior executives.

  • Lead the different areas of the Guild by making sure they have what they need to serve students
  • Listen to what representatives and students are saying and channel this to Curtin’s managers
  • Run campaigns to win what students are asking for - things like bringing back in-person lectures and our second tuition free week
  • Be proactive and advocate for things that will improve the student experience - $20K clubs grant

This representative attends:


About Theodora

Call me Theo! I study psychology, and before being President I was the Faculty Representative for Health Sciences. I love to stress-bake, and you’ll often see me munching on a muffin or drinking my bodyweight in coffee. Always happy to have a chat over coffee if there’s anything you’d like to discuss!

The Curtin Student Guild recognises the Whadjuk Noongar people as the traditional owners of this land, and pays respect to elders past, present, and emerging.
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