Focus for 2023

My focus this year is to:

  • Reducing the burden of costs associated with attending Curtin University on students. 
  • Increasing student engagement with the Faculty and greater promotion of potential industry opportunities.
  • Stronger promotion of the uptake in club membership relating to the faculty of Business and Law
  • Advocating for Guild discounts on Curtin’s Perth Business and Law school.
  • Create a roundtable of disciplines inclusive of student engagement to target specific areas of improvement to the student experience in the Faculty of Business and Law

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What does this role do?

Represent thousands of students in your faculty from across the globe to ensure that they receive a high quality and accessible education in a really unique role. 

  • Maintain faculty Facebook group
  • Participating in student discipline panels and committees that create courses and units.
  • Help students navigate problems they face at University.
  • Contribute to improving the quality of education at Curtin.
  • Run events for students in the faculty and help with orientation.
  • Sit on Guild boards and committees to make sure we appropriately represent students in the faculty

This representative attends:


About Ryan

Hi everyone, I’m Ryan Kirby. I am the Faculty Representative for Business and Law 2023, I am a third year student studying a bachelor of commerce - Economics and a bachelor of arts - International Relations. I am fiercely passionate about the provision of a better tertiary experience for students at Curtin University. I want to promote industry linkages within the faculty so as to provide a better resultant employment opportunity for those that choose to study under the numerous Business and Law streams.

Key to my plan for students is my advocacy for cost reduction both on the Bentley campus and Perth campuses respectively, in addition to working toward greater club and society collaboration and renewed focus on ensuring the student experience is paramount. I hope that throughout 2023 the student experience, working closely with other guild representatives is able to be improved to a standard akin to prior to the Pandemic. I look forward to being able to implement meaningful change on behalf of students and ensure a receptive and accountable dialogue is present with all streams under the Faculty. 

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