Perth Mug Dark Blue

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Curtin Branded Merchandise - Perth Mug

  • Elegant and eye-catching, our range of 330ml Brighton Matte Promotional Mugs are the perfect custom accessory for your office, school, or event. Whether you use them to drink tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chai, or any other drink, you'll love how sturdy these cups feel without weighing you down. These custom mugs stand out because of their contrasting black matt exteriors and glossy, colourful interiors.


  • Collection only available from G Mart (Building 106G) at the Curtin Bentley Campus.
  • Estimated waiting period for uniform collection is two to three business days. Busy period will have longer waiting periods.
  • Curtin merchandise will have varying waiting periods. Please expect to wait longer for any merchandise orders due to production time and demand.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to follow up any collections.