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Wednesday 5th August

Launch Virtual Guild O-Day!

We're going completely digital using Discord! Guild O-Day is your opportunity to discover how you can get the most out of your university experience. Browse channels to chat to clubs, enter competitions, engage with your Guild reps and learn about uni services!

How to access: Guild O-Day

  • Create a free Discord account
  • Launch our Discord server!
  • Type %apply in the #apply channel
  • Respond to the Application Bot in your direct messages with your Student ID and full name

That's it! Now you can explore everything the Guild has to offer.
Need help? Read our Discord FAQs.

Check out the Guild O-Day Facebook event for updates!


👉 All Curtin students are automatically members of the Curtin Student Guild.

To get your FREE Guild sticker:
Show your Student ID and 2020 Student Sticker (available by contacting Curtin Connect) to Guild Reception in Building 106F.

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👉  Meet your Student Reps, Faculty Reps and Equity Department officers!

Their job is to get the best outcome for students and all issues that impact them.
They'll be available to chat in their Discord channels

Learn more about your Reps!


👉 Join a club (or two, or ten!) to meet new friends and network.

We have over 100 Guild clubs and societies on campus; from academic, special interest, faith-based, political to international clubs - you name it, we have it. Some clubs do have a joining fee, and not all clubs re-register annually so make sure you visit your clubs' stalls to find out more info!

Find a Guild club!


Is Discord free?
Yes! If you would like to install the app it is free via the Google Play store or Apple App store.

Do I have to download the app to access Discord?
No, you can access Discord through a web browser on most devices. 

Does my device need to have the a camera and microphone enabled in order to experience Virtual O-Day through Discord?
Access to a camera and microphone is not essential to experience the event via Discord. Most channels are text channels, where you only communicate through text (plus you can 'react', send emojis, GIFs etc.). Some clubs and departments will also have a voice channel where you may have the ability to interact through video and speech, if you choose.

What information do I need to provide to sign up?
To create an account on Discord you are only required to supply an email address, username and password. You can add more info to your profile if you choose but it is optional, e.g. a profile pic and nickname. 

Can I use the Discord app through my phone to join Discord events?
Yes, the Discord app has all the functions required to participate and is very easy to use. We would just recommend using headphones for better sound.


How will it work?
Simply put, you will be able to browse a range of channels - most will be text channels and some will be voice channels. We will have a few centrally run channels to provide giveaways and entertainment, help desk and information on how to navigate the event, and information on services inside and outside of Curtin. The rest of the channels will be operated by student run clubs and Guild reps who you will be able to meet (virtually) and chat with about what they do and how you can enhance your student experience.

What can I expect from attending the event?
So many things! Chat to clubs, enter competitions, engage with your Guild reps and learn about uni services!

Will there still be freebies?
Yes! There will be a channel dedicated to giveaways and competitions so you will have the chance to win prizes on this channel throughout the event. A program of competitions and giveaways will be promoted prior to the event.

What clubs are attending Virtual Guild O-Day?
All Guild registered clubs and Stadium registered sports clubs are invited to host a channel at Virtual O-Day. Keep an eye on our Facebook event, we will post a list of attendees closer to the event.

Do we have to sign up?
The link to the Discord will be available the evening prior to the event. You are required to answer a couple of basic questions upon entering the Discord in order to experience the event.

Will everyone be able to see my details after applying? 
No, only approved Guild Event Staff will have permissions to see the log of student info in order to approve applications.

Why do I have to apply to be able to browse the full event (server)?
We ask for your student ID and name before providing access to the full virtual event. You are required to apply to browse / interact with the full event so we are able to moderate the server (ensure no spam / unauthorised users come through). Also, so we can gauge the number of users we have concurrently in the server and overall attendance of the event.

What's the best time to log on to the server?
The link to the Discord will be available the day prior to the event and the best time to log on will be 15-20 minutes prior to the event start time (11am).
However, you can join anytime during the event and can pop in and out when you choose. The server will be disabled once the event is over.

How do I use Voice Channels?
To use a voice channel, you must click into the channel. Not all voice channels will allow you to interact, some may be purely just for viewing. If you are able to interact with a voice channel, you can click video in the bottom left hand corner and mute/unmute your mic by tapping the microphone icon.

How do I view Pinned messages?
It's a good idea to check out the pinned messages in text channels so you know what to expect from that particular channel. Often pinned messages provide instructions on what you are required to do to access more info. You will see a pin icon in the top right corner of the screen, click this to view messages.

How do I ask a question without everyone being able to see it?
If you want to ask a question but don't want it to be view by everyone in the info-tent channel, you are welcome to DM anyone from the Event Staff list.

Will I have to sign up to clubs during the event?
No, clubs are only requesting expressions of interest from those who stop by their channel at O-Day and you will be contacted by the club post-event to see whether you would like to sign up as a member.

Does Curtin have any sports clubs in Discord?
Yes! All stadium registered sports clubs are invited to host a channel in Discord. You will be able to see the full list of clubs closer to the event.


Will I be able to access the server after the event?
When the event is over the server will no longer be available. However, clubs, Guild, university departments and external services will all be providing their best contacts for on going communication during the event which we suggest you make note of.

We recommend checking out the Guild website, and following the Curtin Student Guild (@curtinguild) on Facebook and on Instagram to stay connected with us.

View the Stallholder application form here!

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