Texa Rose Robin


Texa Rose Robin

Hi I’m Texa Rose Robin (she/her) a Masters of Food Science Student and I am proud to announce I am  running for the position of Guild Councillor!


During my academic life at Curtin, I have experience interacting with people from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. As a devoted postgraduate student, I understand the struggle that many of us face during our academic journey. My life as a postgrad student helps me effectively address your concerns and voice them at every single level of decision making.


If elected to Guild Council, I am committed to promoting a conducive environment that helps every student feel supported and motivated. I will make sure that our academic concerns and needs never go unheard. I also acknowledge the thirst for academic growth that many postgrads have and I will advocate for events, workshops and seminars to ensure students receive quality education and are prepared for their next stage of life after graduating Curtin. 


Our holistic wellbeing is as essential as our academic excellence. I promise to take the initiative to promote the wellness and balance of students at Curtin.


In a nutshell, I am dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the lives of students within the Curtin community. Together Illuminate will ensure that our voices are heard, and interests are represented. Let's go on this journey together to create ever-lasting memories of our time here. 


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