This application form is for 2023 Guild-registered student clubs, Curtin Stadium registered sports clubs and invited Curtin University and Guild Departments.

O-Day Stall Applications are NOW OPEN!

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Applications Close 30 January 2023

Confirmations & Stall Guides
Stall maps, setup times and guidelines will be sent out one week prior to the event. If you are a Guild Club, use the planning tips futher down on this page to start preparing.

Guild O-Day
Wednesday 22 February 2023
11am - 2:30pm

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Curtin or Guild Departments


Promotion, Planning and Delivery Tips

The following  is intended for Guild-registered clubs only.


Stall Planning

Brainstorm with your committee about how to make your stall stand out with:

  • Signage, decorations and tablecloth to hide the trestle tables

  • Giveaways & merchandise

  • Creative interactive games/ideas

  • Explore photo albums from previous Guild O-Days for reference

Only lodge your application form once you have planned your stall.

Membership Sign-Up & Website

Maximise your new member recruitment through:

Club Vouchers 
All Curtin students receive two $5 club vouchers when they collect their 2022 Guild Sticker to use when joining a Guild club. We'll provide an update on how 2023 club vouchers will works soon.

Club vouchers help new and returning students pay for membership and introduce them to the world of clubs. 
Keep these in a safe place and return them to Guild to be reimbursed straight into your club bank account.

Find out more: How to submit $5 Guild club vouchers

Update or setup Membership Forms in TidyHQ.
Check out the onboarding checklist (document #8) to update or setup memberships in Tidy HQ.

Here's a club with a few different scenarios for membership sign-ups.
Have an expression of interest form for those who want to use their $5 club vouchers but haven’t collected them yet.
You can contact them after the event to send them information about how to sign up using their voucher on a later date.


Update or setup your TidyHQ website page
This is where the membership forms will live and be found by students. Make sure your TidyHQ webpage is up-to-date and consider adding any planned semester two events, merchandise for sale or anything else you offer members to make it appealing as you’ll find new students will be looking through club pages regularly during O-Week.


Show potential new members you’re active by preparing your socials and website in the lead up to O-Day.

Guild Artwork and O-Day Promotions
Download social media assets (available soon) to post on you socials to let everyone know you'll be at O-Day!
We’ll send this with your stallholder guide confirming your stall.

Facebook Event
DO NOT create a new Facebook event for your stall presence. Please share our main Facebook event when it is published.

AR Filter
The Guild will set up a “which club should I join” filter for Instagram. Instructions on how to find it will be included with the artwork we’ll send you with your stallholder guide confirming your stall. You can use the filter and promote on your club and personal socials from now. Share to your Facebook Story.

Note: Only clubs who apply for stalls will be listed in the filter.

Guild Club Spotlight Video Series
If you havent already, consider taking the time to prepare and submit a video (for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook) following our filming brief for us to share on Guild social media platforms. Get this video to us before O-Week so that we can schedule the content.


Video submission deadline for Guild O-day 2023
Monday 13 February
Filming brief: Please follow this guide closely.


Regular posting
Start posting regularly in the lead up to O-Week and Guild O-Day so that when new members look to sign-up, there’s fresh content for them to see.

Always tag @curtinguild in posts, photos and stories so that we can share your content to get a wider reach.


Some ideas for posts:

  • Committee Introductions: If you put this on your IG story, save it to a highlight titled ‘2023 committee’ so it lives on.

  • Upcoming events or what to expect from your club in 2023

  • Use of the AR filters

  • Share the Guild O-Day artwork from you confirmed stallholder pack

  • Any other relevant content that aligns with your club objectives.

Prepare Your Pitch

When students approach your stall, you’ll need to be prepared to capture their attention.


Focus on:

  • What are the benefits of joining?

  • Events, projects or activities you run.

  • Club belief/ideal: Does your club stand for or against anything? Highlight this.

  • Personalise it, what are you (the pitcher) getting out of it!

  • Have a short pitch, you can always add more info if they stick around, make the short pitch engaging and cram the goods in.

  • Tone. Who are you pitching to? First years: give them all the goods and focus on the fun stuff. For third or fourth years, focus on what they’re going to get out of it when they graduate (particularly if you’re an academic club).

  • Delivery. Be confident in your pitch, you need to sound like you really believe in this club.

  • Ask the person their name, what they’re studying, what year and get to know them a tad. If you remember their name, use it when you say goodbye.

  • Do not chat too much, let them go if they’re just nodding and not engaging – they may be too polite to leave and you don’t want them to remember the club who wouldn’t let them leave.

  • Freebies! Who doesn’t like a freebie? Stick a little info on the freebie for them to remember later. Always have a freebie, even if it’s just candy.

  • Support other clubs. Recommend other clubs based on interests you’ve discovered from the people you meet.

Stall Preparation

  • Laptops/membership devices should be fully charged.

  • Print back-up paper forms & consider having petty cash on hand, or

  • Create a QR code so people can sign up on their own device.

  • Be identifiable. If you have club shirts, wear them or consider colour coordination, name & pronoun tags, lanyards etc.

  • Share the Guild O-day stallholder guide with those running your stall (this will go out to successful applicants a week prior to Guild O-day) – read this carefully & be on time.


Prepare Your Team

  • Be on time to set-up your stall.

  • DO NOT exceed the number of stall volunteers (three behind your stall and two roaming).

  • Avoid chairs at your stall unless necessary (this makes you more approachable).

  • Accept defeat: If you’ve pitched your club to a potential member and they aren’t interested, let them go and don’t make them remember you because you hassled them for too long. Don’t follow them.

  • Post event content to your socials throughout the day and tag @curtinguild so that we can re-share.

  • Take a photo of your set-up and committee running the stall.


Welcome New Members

Don’t disappear, get in touch with your new members!


Send a welcome email

  • Provide a call to action such as ticket links to events already planned, links to social media pages, website etc.

  • Consider adding the photo of you and your stall so they have a visual memory from meeting you. Remember – they’ve most likely attended a lot of stalls.

Drop-off Club Vouchers

Count, package and label your club vouchers and drop them to Guild Reception (Building 106F).
You can mail them too if you’d like to avoid visits.


Find out more: How to submit $5 Guild club vouchers

Deposit Petty Cash into Bank

  • Before you pack-up your stall, count the cash on hand and record it in writing.

  • Deposit the cash as soon as you are able to.

  • Record the deposit in TidyHQ and upload the deposit receipt into the record transaction and title it "O-Day Sem1 Cash Stall Memberships" or something similar and obvious.