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Guild Elections

2020 Guild Election Results 

2020 Election Results 

Office Bearers

Guild President - Jesse Naylor Zambrano
Vice President - Education – Bridge Truell
Vice President - Activities – Lachy Lee
Faculty of Business and Law Representative – Dylan Botica
Faculty of Science and Engineering Representative – Jason Kim
Faculty of Humanities Representative - Madison Ainsworth
Faculty of Health Sciences Representative – Lucy Rohl
International Student Committee President – Cristian Moreno
Postgraduate Students Committee President – May Majimbi
Queer Officer – Dax Jagoe
Women’s Officer – Cassidy Pemberton
First Nations Officer – Lulkbudia McLean
Accessibility Officer – Clare Metcalf

Guild Councillors

Shannon Chong
Dylan Botica
Clare Metcalf
Rachel Taylor
Rob Vusak
Lucy Rohl

Representation Board Members

Chris MacFarlane
Isabel Mountain
Shaniqua Cutinha
Ali Rose Bolton
Fatma Sehic
Cherry Chen

National Union of Students Delegates

Hana Arai
Clare Metcalf
Lucy Rohl
Chris MacFarlane
Jesse Naylor Zambrano
Chris Hall
Bridge Truell

2020 Guild Elections

Voting will take place at Club HQ (Building 106B) from 10am to 4pm, Monday 21st September to Thursday 24th September. Make sure to bring your Student ID!

The Guild Elections are held annually in September to elect the members of the next year's Guild Council and delegates to the National Union of Students (NUS) Conference to elect next year's Guild Officers.

If you are considering nominating or would like to discuss the elections, you are able to make an appointment to speak with the Returning Officer, Peter Zaikos who can be contacted on 0459 919 900 or emailing ro.curtin@bigpond.com.

The Returning Officer is independent from the Guild and appointed by the Vice-Chancellor so you can be assured that your conversation will be confidential. 

For more information about Guild Elections and how to vote, please visit our FAQs page.


Student Guild and NUS Candidate Nominations
The Candidate 


Election Notice
Election Handbook
Election Timetable
Application for Postal Vote Form​
Scrutineer Approval Form

Election Material 

Election Material Approval Form​

Nomination & Withdrawal

Nomination Form - Guild Council or Representation Board 
Nomination Form - National Union of Students (NUS)
Candidate Withdrawal Form


Group Registration Form
De-Registration of Group Name Form
Candidate Withdrawal from Group Form 
Change of Group Agent Form


Determination of the Remuneration Committee August 2020 (available soon)