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WA Government wage theft inquiry

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Curtin Student Guild is urging all students who have been the victim of wage theft to tell their story.

President Finlay Nolan said that despite laws intended to protect workers and their wages, a huge number of Australians fall victim to wage theft every year.

“Wage theft most often occurs to those on lower wages, putting groups like students at a high-risk for exploitation,” she said.

“Dodgy employers who hire students often intentionally underpay wages or not do not pay them the superannuation that is owed to them,” said Ms Nolan.

“Many students may feel disenfranchised and unable to speak up and demand what is owed to them which means that these employers get away with exploiting vulnerable populations,” she said.

The Minister for Industrial Relations launched the wage theft Inquiry to investigate instances where Western Australia workers have been deliberately underpaid wages or entitlements by their employers.

The inquiry is open to submissions until 27 March 2019.

“Curtin Student Guild is urging all students who have had wages and/or entitlements stolen from them to take part in the inquiry which we hope will result in effective strategies to combat this practice,” said Ms Nolan.

Submit your story about wage theft here.

The Guild will also be hosting a stall on campus on March 20 between 12 and 2pm where students can submit information to assist with the Inquiry.