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Sudan crisis: what we can do to help

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For media enquiries, please contact studentengagement@guild.curtin.edu.au

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There is currently a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Sudan. After years of protesting against the authoritarian President Omar al-Bashir which saw him ousted earlier this year, the Sudanese people were hopeful that their future would be one of peace and democracy - instead, they have come under the rule of a violent and oppressive transitional military government. Soldiers and paramilitary groups have opened fire on pro-democracy protestors and committed many other atrocities that have killed and injured hundreds.

We extend our solidarity to all those fighting for democracy, and our support to any Sudanese Curtin students, especially those who have loved ones still living in Sudan. As a student community it is imperative that we raise our voices and refuse to allow violence and oppression to slide under the international radar.

Sudan is currently in a media blackout in an attempt to keep news of this crisis from leaving the country. In response to an unfortunate lack of coverage and action from the media and people in positions of power internationally, people across the world are taking action to force their governments and human rights organisations to take a stand. You can support the Sudanese people in a number of ways.

If you are feeling distressed please consider accessing the Curtin Counselling Service: 9266 7850

In solidarity,

Finlay Nolan