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What’s Happening at Representation Board

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What’s Happening at Representation Board

Representation Board is here to discuss issues that matter and fight for you. From ensuring you receive a high quality, affordable education, running campaigns and keeping your officers accountable.

On March 18, the Representation Board discussed the future of our My Fees, My Future campaign with the University and the Guild negotiating the implementation of ‘Blended Learning’ and the Guild recently pushing for a return to in-person lecture options.

Guild Representatives also discussed their experiences with recycled lecture and education material, problems with EVALUATE and the University sending staff around to count tutorial attendance.

The Guild with the support of Nursing students was able to get Nursing tutorials back in-person. A win for students!

There was discussion about the needs of International Students and making sure the Guild is focusing on these students.

The Board also:

  • endorsed Ecosia as the default search engine on campus which donates more 80% of its profits to non-profits that focus on reforestation and will be in contact with DTS;
  • expressed its solidarity with the people of Myanmar (Burma) and;
  • moved a motion to condemn the Senates motion against gender neutral language.

The Representation Board decided to hold a special meeting to discuss the future of learning at Curtin and the campaign the Guild is running with a focus on International Students and their fees. This meeting is to be held next Tuesday the 30th March at 2pm.