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Help debt now taking students longer to repay

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Recent figures released from the Department of Education have shown that students are now taking 9.08 years to repay their HELP loans compared to 7.64 years in 2007-08.

“It is alarming to see students unable to repay their debts in a reasonable timeframe,” said Finlay Nolan, Curtin Student Guild President.

“A lack of increase in the national wage, high unemployment rates, and low housing affordability in Australia is hitting students hard. The stress of the current financial situation acts as a significant barrier for students considering the decision to undertake or continue with university study,” she said.

In support of the National Union of Students campaign, A Future Worth Fighting For, the Curtin Student Guild is calling for a fully-funded, equitable, and accessible post-secondary education.

Student surveys have shown that 1 in 7 students regularly go without food and 89% of students struggle to afford essential study items.

“The Curtin Student Guild will be calling for all students to demand their voices are heard in the next federal election. We want to see an increase in student income support that will bring the quality of lives of students up to a reasonable standard,” said Ms Nolan.