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MEDIA RELEASE: Parliament House rally to protest Government fee hike TODAY

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MEDIA RELEASE Parliament House rally to protest Government fee hike TODAY Friday 3 July 2020 at 12.30pm

WA students will rally in protest against the Federal Government’s proposed higher education fee changes on Friday, 3 July 2020 at Parliament House from 12.30 to 2.30pm.

The Federal Government’s plan to create tens of thousands of extra university places will be funded by a 113% hike in fees for domestic students studying arts, humanities, social sciences and communications and a 28% fee increase for those studying economics, commerce and law.

A three year arts degree will jump from approximately $20,400 to $43,500 while a five year law degree will increase from approximately $56,700 to $72,000.
At the same time, the Government is reducing its per student funding to universities to teach courses including maths, science, medical sciences, engineering, communications, nursing and teaching and environmental science.

According to data from Professor David Peetz of Griffith University, overall Government funding will be cut by an annual $1883 per student, with an average increase in tuition fees of $675 per student
UWA and Curtin Student Guilds are campaigning jointly against the Government’s plan saying that teaching more students with less Government funding will impact research, student teacher ratios and tertiary services which will lead to a lower quality of education.

“Students will be paying more and receiving less,” said Curtin Student Guild President Hana Arai. “This is the latest policy change to reduce higher education funding and commercialise our universities. “
UWA Student Guild President Bre Shanahan said that the proposal would serve to further entrench underlying educational inequity in Australia.

“Students should not have to choose between studying what they love or avoiding significant debt. The Government must step up to invest properly in higher education,” she said.
Ms Arai said that the Government was shifting the funding burden onto certain groups of students and deciding that some people’s education was more important than others.

•Alison Xamon (WA Greens)
•Patrick Gorman (Labor)
•Richard Hamilton (NTEU WA Division)
•Sophie Styles (Year 12 student)
•Hana Arai (Curtin Student Guild)
•Bre Shanahan (UWA Student Guild)

Special guests
•WAAPA students performing live

Quick Facts
•This proposal decreases the government’s financial contribution to university degreesfrom 58% to 52%, and increases the student’s contribution from 42% to 48%.

•113% fee hike for humanities degrees

•Government funding per student is DECREASING by 16% for unis to teachengineering

•Government funding per student is DECREASING by 16% for unis to teach science

•Government funding per student is DECREASING by 8% for unis to teach nursing

•Government funding per student is DECREASING by 23% for unis to teach Communications Expect

•Government funding per student is DECREASING by 17% for unis to teach maths
•Government funding per student is DECREASING by 29% for unis to teach Environmental studies

•Overall the Government will save $770 million by reducing per student contribution to universities. And asking students to pay more. Students will pay $470 million more and the universities will lose out by almost $300 million. (source Frank Larkins. Centre for the Study of Higher Education. University of Melbourne).

•39,000 new university places by 2023 will be available with no additional funding

Hana Arai
Curtin Student Guild President

Bre Shanahan
UWA Student Guild President
6488 2294 / 0411 893 626