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Guild Recap - November 2020

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Hope you’re enjoying the semester break, here’s a quick Guild Monthly Recap!

In November 2020 we:

  • Approved the implementation of Equity Collectives in 2021 which establish committees in our Equity Departments for the further expansion of our representation efforts.
  • The Guilds end of semester Parking Campaign was launched against the University charging for parking during exams for the first time in many years, without notifying any students.
  • Approved the Final Reports of the 2020 Office Bearers.
  • Approved our 2021 Budget and SSAF (Student Services and Amenities Fee) Proposals
  • Said farewell to our outgoing members of Guild Council

Thanks again to all students for another great year at the Guild.

Check out some of our Guild Projects on the website!

Happy Holidays and stay safe.
Next update will be from your 2021 Secretary, Fatma Sehic!

2020 Guild Secretary
Lachy Lee (He/Him)