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Gourmet Serve for Curtin Graduates

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More than 13,000 people attended 11 graduation ceremonies at Bentley campus this year with Curtin’s own Kirribilli Catering creating gourmet food packs for guests.
According to Food and Beverage Manager Kelli Edwards each graduation ceremony’s food service requirements took 40 hours of preparation and involved nine chefs.
“Events of this scale are always a challenge especially when our chefs are also catering for the day to day requirements of our campus food outlets but we have a great team and everything went smoothly.”
Ms Edwards said that all packaging used for the ceremonies was green and most of it compostable.

2019 Curtin Graduation Ceremonies Food Stats

Mini Hosomaki Sushi 15450
Chicken Finger Sandwiches 5265
Tomato & Bocconcini Skewers 7725
Chorizo Quiche 5265
Roast Vegetable Finger Sandwiches 2340
Spinach & Cheese Quiche 2340
Mediterranean Vegetable & Basil Tart 7605
Turkish Delight pieces 8190
Brownies 4095
Confetti Iced Donut 4095
Chocolate Baklava 4095
Numbers of champagne corks popped 836

Curtin Student Guild is one of few student bodies in Australia that continues to operate a commercial food business servicing more than 30,000 students and staff at Curtin’s Bentley campus. The Guild’s award-winning food and beverage operation prepares for more than 100,000 hot meals, one million espresso shots and 120,000 sushi packs each year.