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Curtin Students 4 Climate: Join Our Protest!

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This year at Curtin Guild O-Day you (the Students of Curtin) told us that Climate Change was the number one political issue on your mind! You're not alone in that thought, in fact, students around the world have been talking about the lack of action our governments are taking to tackle the number one issue of our time.

The consequences of inaction and continued neglect are catastrophic and its victims are you, me and every other kid that isn't born even yet!

In words of Chris Rock, "You know,some people never get theirs. Some people just fail up."

Our government has been sitting on its hands, its easy to do nothing when it's not your future at stake. It's up to us to voice how important the issue of Climate Change is!

On Friday 15 March, Uni Students of Australia will join the international STRIKE FOR CLIMATE ACTION. Take a stand for climate justice and show solidarity with protesters and strikers from around the world!

The voice of your generation deserves to be heard, we will not stop until change is made.


Join our protest!