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Open Letter to the Morrison Federal Government: West Australian Universities Strike for Climate Action

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We are facing a crisis - according to the world’s leading climate
scientists, we only have 12 years to prevent global warming from
reaching the critical threshold of a 2 °C temperature increase.
The bad news is that our government has taken a stance of
complacency at best, and giving their whole-hearted support to the
industries directly responsible for harming our planet at worst. The
good news is that if we stand together, we can do something about

The National Union of Students has called a National Day of Action
for August 9th, 2019 which will see university students walking off of
their campuses in protest against the government’s inaction on
climate change.

According to the National Union of Students’ Student Values Survey
(2019), climate change is the number one political issue on
students’ minds. With scientists around the world in agreeance that
we are running out of time to prevent the catastrophic effects of
climate change, students will no longer accept government inaction
and the continued support of industries that are directly contributing
to the worsening condition of our planet.

We declare that the world is currently in a state of climate
emergency and demand that our government take action. We
encourage all staff and students in Western Australia to join us and
walk out of their institutions on Friday, August 9th and stand in
solidarity with other activists from across the country to demand the

- No new coal – STOP ADANI;
- 100% renewable energy by 2030;
- Sustainable jobs for a green economy;
- No new gas;
- No fracking in Western Australia, and;
- No nuclear energy.

Facebook event

Join us at Forrest Chase, Perth on Friday August 9th at 12pm to
show our government that inaction and complacency is no longer
an option. Students and young people demand urgent action for our