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An academic at Murdoch University is facing legal action and removal from the University Senate for being brave enough to speak up against Murdoch University. Earlier this year, a Four Corners report alleged that Murdoch University had lowered its entry requirements for English language and academic proficiency in order to increase its international student enrolments, meaning students who were not yet at the level of English language proficiency necessary to succeed at university were being admitted, paying large sums of money, and, ultimately, being set up for failure. Attracting international students has become one of the core goals of universities across the nation, as these students must pay exorbitant amounts of money up-front in order to study in Australia, and are highly lucrative in the eyes of university management. The Curtin Student Guild unreservedly condemns the exploitation of international students, and stands with whistle-blowers like Murdoch’s Gerd Schroeder-Turk.

Though we are not Murdoch students, we believe that cross-campus solidarity on issues like this is crucial, and are highly concerned about the precedent that would be set if Murdoch University was successful in suing an academic.

We call on Murdoch University to cease its retaliation against Associate Professor Schroeder-Turk, and to keep him in his position on the Academic Senate, which he was democratically elected to by his fellow staff. We encourage all students to demonstrate their support by signing the below petition.