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By Amber Weir, Grok Magazine.

Lachy Lee will be the Guild’s secretary for 2020, his pronouns are He/Him. Currently studying a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering with Honours, he spends most of his time either working, at the Guild or studying. However, he tries to relax by playing games or binge-watching Netflix.

Lachy has been involved with the Curtin Student Guild since the end of his first year, when he was elected to the position of Guild Councilor. He has been involved with BBQs and event ticketing, and has also spent time as a member of the Curtin Engineers Club (CEC).

What is your favourite campus food?

My favorite campus treat is the basement HSP, there is no food on campus that even compares.

What is your biggest whine/peeve about campus?

It’s got to be the fact that the whole damn campus is one giant hill, and right at the bottom of this hill is the Engineering Pavilion—home to the Engineering students—which means if I want to go anywhere from Engineering I have to go all the way up the hill to get there, and if I want to go to Engineering, I have to go back down it again!

What would you like to do after you graduate university?

I don’t have a super concrete plan just yet. I am thoroughly enjoying my degree and I really look forward to pursuing a career within my field of mechatronics. Beyond that, [I want to ensure] that I live a sustainable life [and contribute] to projects that better the planet and the way we all live.

How can the Guild help make university life better?

I think the Guild can improve campus life via two main ways. First, by protecting the interests of Curtin students—this can be done at a national level, through the national union of students and their campaigns, or it can be done at the university level, having our Faculty Representatives keep up to date on the changes in our faculties, and our Equity Representatives looking after the interests of their respective groups. The Guild also improves student life through our social events and the clubs we facilitate. Curtin just wouldn’t have the same culture without both of those things.

How and why did you get involved in the Guild?

Well I got involved with the Guild way back in my first year. I was chatting to my friend I had known since primary school, former EVP Nicola Gulvin, about all the cool guild stuff she had been doing and what a huge role the Guild played in the community at Curtin, and I asked her what I could do to be a part of it and she told me I could join up with the group she was a part of. I met some incredible people who mentored me through the whole process of Guild elections, which as most students know can be pretty hectic, and at the end I was elected as a Guild Councillor. This was an incredible experience and after a year of cooking BBQs, ticketing events and attending guild council, I was ready to go again. I went to my second election running for Guild Councillor, and I was elected to the position again. However, not long into my term, previous Guild President, Finlay Nolan, and current Guild President, Hana Arai, asked if I was interested in stepping into the vacant role of Science and Engineering Faculty Representative, and that was when I started to delve deeper into the Guild. I wanted to be more involved because I saw all the great work the Guild was doing, and I fell in love with the community it created not only within Curtin, but the greater community I found with my fellow Guildies.

How do you think you can make a difference this year, and what are you hoping to achieve?

I think I can become an essential part of the way the Guild benefits students, I want to make sure that the Guild offers benefits to all of its members, in a way that matters to them. This year I am looking forward to taking a good look at the services the Guild provides and finding ways to improve them and make them as relevant as possible, while also exploring new ways that Guild services can benefit students.

What is your advice for making the most out of the uni experience—especially for first years?

I always give the same advice whenever I am asked this question, mainly because it is the best advice anyone can give: find something you enjoy and get involved. This can range from anything from getting involved with your academic club and pitching in to help with their events, or joining a club just for fun. There is so much to get involved with at Curtin, you aren’t starved for choice at all. In your first year, getting involved with a club may involve a lot of set up and pack down work, but any club I’ve been part of value and recognize that contribution. I know very well that if it wasn’t for the people I have met within the Guild, the friends I have made, the people who have shown me the ropes and mentored me, and the people who have supported me throughout my time in the Guild, I would not be the person I am today.

This article is part of a Curtin Student Guild interview series conducted by Grok Magazine.

Email Lachy on secretary@guild.curtin.edu.au