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2018 Budget: A Bad Deal For Students

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2018 Budget: A Bad Deal For Students


As expected, the announcement of the Government’s budget means bad news for students.
The budget stipulates that university funding will be frozen at 2017 levels for two years and result in a $2,2 billion dollar hit to the sector.

“It is a mistake to freeze funding to universities at a time when education is more valuable than ever,” said Nicola Gulvin, Curtin Student Guild Education Vice President.

“Many students will miss out on the opportunity to go to university as a result of these changes,” she said.

Other budget announcements include a lowering of the HELP repayment threshold to $45,000 from the current $52,000, meaning that students will be forced to pay back their debts much earlier.

“With such a low repayment threshold, many students will have to pay back their loans before they receive any benefit from undertaking university study, and probably at a time in their life when they can least afford to start paying it back,” Miss Gulvin stated.

Following on from the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2017-18, the Government will be proceeding with a lifetime limit on HELP debts ($104,440 for most students and $150,000 for students undertaking medicine, dentistry and veterinary science) with new provisions for repayment in order to re-access loan amounts.

The Curtin Student Guild opposes the Federal Government’s continued attacks on students.
“Higher education brings in $28 billion a year to the Australian economy, yet every year the education sector continues to lose funding. This has to stop,” said Miss Gulvin.

Nicola Gulvin – Education Vice President, Curtin Student Guild – 08 9266 4578

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