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2018 Guild Diary Cover

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The 2018 Diary Cover Competition was won by Edd Atchison, a 2nd year Curtin student currently studying a bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising and Graphic Design.

Catch him on campus as far away from the architecture building as humanly possible! Edd works predominantly in the medium of digital illustration and has been working in this style for about a year. His work is aligned with pop surrealism and he strives for the viewer to feel a sense of awe or creative inspiration and to step into different worlds and realise different possibilities.

Edd loves illustration and painting because you can imagine absolutely anything you want and bring it to reality. In this piece for the Guild Diary, the Koi fish and surrounding imagery aim to depict a lighthearted look
at campus life and everyone’s favourite landmark - the Koi pond!

Edd mainly makes art for fun and for his Instagram, however, he also loves doing commissioned pieces for others. At 18 years, he has had experience in the professional field doing designs for local stores and businesses, but hopes to be able to take his personal style to a professional level without restricting his creativity.

Check out his artwork on Instagram, where he uploads personal pieces and also art of current hip hop artists and fashion!