Focus for 2022

My focus this year is to:

  • Make sure the student voice is loud and clear!
  • Support the Curtin Student Guild Faculty and Equity Representatives
  • Maintain quality education through difficult times

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What does this role do?

The Vice President - Education oversees all things education and welfare.

  • Sit on a wide variety of boards and committees to represent student issues and provide a liaison between the University and the student body. 
  • Devise, implement and manage campaigns relating to education or welfare issues. 
  • Provide guidance, resources, and support for the Faculty & Equity Representatives.
  • Direct and respond to student concerns.
  • Assist in the planning and delivery of education & welfare related events (such as Stress Less Week/s, Rad Sex & Consent Week and the Excellence in Teaching Awards).
  • Assist the President in any matters they see fit. 

This representative attends:


About Madison

I am studying Creative Writing and Professional Writing and Publishing, set to graduate at the end of 2023. I became involved with the Guild in 2021 and spent the year representing the Humanities Faculty and in 2022 am tackling the role of Vice President—Education. In the year ahead I will be giving your faculty and equity representatives the best support that I can to ensure that they represent you to the best of their ability, and will be running campaigns to improve your student experience.

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