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Student Welfare at core of election demands

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High unemployment rates, the cost of living, housing affordability, and student debts are only some of the issues currently facing university students. With more than two-thirds living below the poverty line on inadequate income support, many students are being left behind as university education becomes out of reach.

“The reality is that most students aren’t able to afford basic necessities like food,” said Hana Arai, Curtin Guild’s Vice President – Education.

“Most students have to work and study but will still fail to earn above the poverty line. In a first-world country, this is disgraceful,” she said.

According to a Universities Australia report, more than 25% of students miss their classes and 41% report that work has a negative impact on their studies.

“The political parties in this election need to respond to students who are demanding a better quality of life. Student income support is inadequate and should be increased to 75% of the Henderson poverty line to ensure that students succeed at university while they are there,” said Ms Arai.

The Curtin Guild’s campaign “We Will Not Be Left Behind” is calling on all major parties to respond to student demands for policies that directly affect them.

“If these politicians want our votes, they need to listen to what students have to say or we will continue to fight to demand for changes that are owed to young people across the country,” said Ms Arai.

All students are encouraged to enrol to vote before April 18th.

Demand taken from NUS budget submission Jan 2019.