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Guild Recap - September 2020

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Hi again! I hope your semester is going well, and that assessment crunch time isn’t hitting you too hard.

I am here to bring you your monthly update on what the Guild has been up to, as was mentioned last time the Guild Council and the Representation Board both meet monthly to discuss the two intersections of the Guild;
The Guild Council covers all of our services and amenities that we provide, as well as our financial and business performance, making sure the Guild is viable and sustainable going forward into the future.

The Representation Board covers our representative reports, events and campaigns and hosts much political and open discussion about the issues facing students, and what we are doing about it!

Unfortunately, the Guild Council hasn’t had a chance to meet yet (happening October 1st), so I’ll provide you with a quick run down of what’s on the agenda, and you’ll get a bit more of a packed update next time!

At the September Guild Council we are going to:

  • discuss the viability of our second-hand online bookshop
  • discuss changes to the Remuneration of our Office Bearers

As well as look over the minutes from our various Guild Committees (including the activities committee, which has a surprise coming up!)

At the Representation Board September meeting:

  • Extending the ungraded pass to semester two (recently confirmed!)
  • Initiatives to assist Postgraduate Students experiencing delays in their research due to COVID.
  • We Discussed opposing the Strategic Response Consultation Paper, which detailed the $45 Million worth of Cuts that Curtin is planning to make
  • Discussed the Guilds opposition to the $80 Million upgrade to the T L Roberstson Library, whilst Curtin Staff are facing job losses.

As well as heard from all of our representatives on what they’ve been up to!


Hopefully most of you would know that we recently held the Guild elections, and these have concluded. A big well done to everyone who ran, and a huge thank you to everyone who came down to vote, the Guild can have a huge effect on what your experience is like at Curtin, so if you didn’t vote this time, make sure you do so next time!
And finally, a huge congratulations to everyone who was elected, I am looking forward to what the Guild will accomplish next year.

Lachy Lee