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Mining Games Club

The Mining Games Club is a club dedicated to supporting Curtin's Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) Mining Games teams. WASM have two teams, one based in Perth and one based in Kalgoorlie.


The two WASM Mining Games teams compete against each other and other universities and colleges from all over the United States of America, Mexico, Canada and Australia (including UWA and the University of Queensland).

Mining Games is an international competition, held in different locations over the world each year. There are divisions for men’s, women’s and co-ed teams. The goal of the competition is to keep old-fashioned mining techniques alive, as well as strengthen the camaraderie of the mining students of today. The competition is highly competitive, and this club was made to connect students to their local teams, and to bring a social aspect to the Mining Games between the Kalgoorlie and Perth teams.

The Mining Games Club aims to help students and teams connect to each other, lecturers and industry professionals. By joining the Mining Games Club, students will be given the chance to join and train with either of WASM’s Mining Games teams, travel alongside each team to the international competition and will be given invaluable exposure to the industry representatives and sponsors.

Email: mininggamesclub@gmail.com or Wasmwallabies@gmail.com