Your voice on campus!


If you can't find a club that grabs your fancy, why not start your own?

Find out more by emailing clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au with any questions you may have, or by viewing the Club Registration Form, which outlines the registration requirements in detail. Clubs who successfully register with the Guild are able to access a bunch of great entitlements; including grants, venue hire, BBQ use, sponsorship, promotional support, poster access, a stall at major Guild events (such as O-Day), and much more! For the full list of perks, check out Resources for Clubs.

Registration Periods

Club registrations are only accepted within designated “registration periods” each semester, as follows:

  • Semester One 2019 Club Intake Period: 26 November 2018 – 22 March 2019

  • Semester Two 2019 Club Intake Period: 24 June 2019 - 23 August 2019

If you have missed the cut-off for the most recent registration period, you will need to reapply in the following registration period.

Conditions of Affiliation

Clubs and societies must be run by students, for students.

In order to affiliate with the Curtin Student Guild, a club must also be able to meet the following minimum conditions:

  • Its aims and objectives must not conflict with those of Curtin Student Guild.

  • It must be beneficial to students, and must not be detrimental to students in any way.

  • It must be inclusive, with membership open to all Curtin students.

  • It should not duplicate the activities/objectives of any existing club, association, society, department, or formal group at Curtin.

  • New clubs (registered with the Guild for twelve months or less) must have a minimum of 10 ordinary members to register. Ordinary members must be current Curtin students.

  • Re-registering clubs (registered with the Guild for more than twelve months) must have a minimum of 30 ordinary members to register. Ordinary members must be current Curtin students.

  • All of the club's office bearers must be Full Guild members and current Curtin students.

  • The club must establish a bank account and email account in the club's name prior to registering.

  • The club should aim for longevity and sustainability (i.e. renew annually).

  • The club should uphold member recruitment and retention as a core objective.

  • The club must comply with club operational and administrative requirements, in accordance with Curtin Student Guild Rules, Regulations and Policy.

  • The club must govern itself in accordance with the Guild's Default Clubs Constitution, or otherwise must submit their own custom constitution for consideration. Custom constitutions must, at a minimum, comply with and/or address the following areas of the Default Club Constitution:

  • Name of Student Society

  • Objectives of Student Society

  • Power of Student Society

  • Membership of Student Society

  • General Meetings of Student Society (including Special/Extraordinary General Meetings)

  • Committee of Student Society

  • Officers of Student Society

  • Finances and Records of Student Society

  • Manner in which surplus property of society must be dealt with if club is dissolved or de-registered.

  • Such additional requirements as the Guild Council may determine from time to time.

All club approvals and rejections are ultimately subject to the discretion of the Guild Executive Council. Club applications are reviewed by the Guild Executive Council at their weekly meetings, and prospective clubs are contacted by the Clubs Officer via email with the result of their application within three weeks.


Before Beginning the Club Registration Form
  1. Please note that the form may take up to 60 minutes to complete, however it should be significantly quicker (less than 30min) if you have read through these steps and have all necessary information on hand before getting started.
  2. Once you start the form, your progress cannot be saved, so please make sure you have set aside enough time to complete it in one sitting.
  3. At least one member of your committee must have completed online food safety training prior to lodging the registration form. This training can be completed HERE. To obtain the required certificate, you must select all modules when commencing the training. Please save your certificate of completion (ensuring there are no special characters in the file name), and have it on hand and ready to attach before beginning the registration process.
  4. You must have filled out and signed a Club Credit Application Form prior to lodging this form. This can be downloaded HERE, and requires signatures from two of your club office bearers (preferably Club President and Club Treasurer). It should be saved as a PDF (ensuring there are no special characters in the file name). 
  5. You will need your club bank account details, including account name, BSB, and account number. You will also need to provide the names of two signatories to the account, who must both be current office bearers (not previous year's office bearers). 
  6. All documents uploaded should be in PDF format, and file names cannot contain any special characters - for example, brackets, underscores, etc.
  • Inaugural meeting minutes
  • Founding club membership list - must show full name, student number, Guild membership status (current enrolled curtin students are classified as Guild members) and email address for each member
  • Food Safety Certificate (see item 3 above)
  • Club Credit Application Form (see item 4 above)
  • Club Constitution (only if not using the Guild's recommended default constitution)