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Start a Club

Start a club

Can't find a club that grabs your fancy, why not start your own?
Submit a New Club Expression of Interest Form to get started! 

View the Guild Clubs Charter for full registration requirements for new clubs.

Clubs who successfully register with the Guild have access a bunch of great entitlements including;

If you are not a new club but looking to renew, please complete this form.
Reach out to the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au with any further questions.

Registration Periods


Club registrations are only accepted within designated registration periods each semester.

  • Semester One 2021 Club Intake Period: 30 Nov 2020 – 26 Mar 2021
  • Semester Two 2021 Club Intake Period: 21 June 2021 - 20 August 2021

If you have missed the cut-off for the most recent registration period, you will need to reapply in the following registration period.


For a new club or society to be considered, it must:

  • Be wholly run by Curtin students, for the benefit of Curtin students;
  • Enhance the student experience;
  • Demonstrate sufficient student demand for its formation; and
  • Cater to a specific topic, group, or interest that is not adequately represented by an existing club.

An outline of the full registration requirements for new clubs can be viewed in the Guild Clubs Charter. Governance requirements are further specified within the Default Clubs and Societies Constitution, with all clubs required to either operate under this default constitution, or submit a custom version for consideration (the default version is highly recommended). 

All club approvals and rejections are ultimately subject to the discretion of the Guild Executive Council.
Club applications are reviewed by the Guild Executive Council at their regular scheduled meetings, and prospective clubs are contacted by the Clubs Officer with the result of their application via email.

Application Process


Lodge your New Club Expression of Interest application to collect initial information about your proposed club which will be used to assess your application.

The Clubs Officer and Guild Executive Committee will review your club's expression of interest, and you'll be advised of the outcome via email. If accepted, your club will be placed on 'pre-approval' status.
Congratulations - you're halfway there!

Stage Two Registration
Pre-approved clubs will then need to complete a Stage Two Club Registration Form, in which you must provide additional administrative details such as:

  • club bank account details
  • club email address
  • undertake food safety training
  • create social media accounts

You will have up to 28 days in which to complete the Stage Two registration requirements for your pre-approved club. 

Once the Stage Two Registration Form has been completely properly and returned, your club will obtain full approval. This will be communicated via email and your club will be added to the official club listing on the Guild website. You will now have access to all club entitlements, resources, and support. Welcome aboard!

Lodge an application now!



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