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Our Projects

Our Projects

Your student representatives are always working towards making sure you receive a high quality education and a great university experience. Explore some of the latest projects that the Guild is working on.

Send us an email on hello@guild.curtin.edu.au for suggestions on what we should be doing next!

My Fees, My Future

Students are facing significant changes to their education with University and government decisions and restructuring due COVID-19. The Guild is fighting to make sure you’re getting a quality education.

Parking on Campus

The Guild continues to fight for transparency and understanding for students trying to attend their classes on campus. We'll be keeping students updated on our socials every step of the way.

We All Need To Pee stickers

Students who identify as LGBTQIA+ have the right to feel safe and welcome at Curtin. Learn more about what the Guild's Queer Department has been working on.

Sustainability & Climate Action

We're constantly working to reduce our global footprint through changes, awareness and activism. We've introduced green compost bins that turn compostable matter and packaging into fertiliser for gardens.

Hands Off Our Education

The Curtin Student Guild is committed to fighting for students right to a quality education. We will not stand idly while students are continuously let down, and we will continue to take hard stances against decisions that will jeopardise our education.

Student Partnership Agreement

This project aims to create a culture that is consistent across the university, fostering an environment of working directly with students to ensure that their concerns and aspirations are consistently understood and respected.

Here's some of our Guild Achievements.