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Guild O-Day - Stallholder Application


Virtual Guild O-Day Expressions of Interest are CLOSED! 
Deadline Wednesday 22 July 2020.

For queries about the event, or to be placed on the waiting list in case of cancellations, please contact events@guild.curtin.edu.au.


Applications for club / internal virtual stalls are CLOSED!
Deadline Wednesday 22 July 2020.
Confirmations and O-Day Virtual Stallholder Guides will be sent out from Monday 27 July 2020.



Text Channel: The virtual/online equivalent to an trestle package

This is the default package applied to all Guild-registered student clubs, Guild departments and faculty representatives. Should your application be approved, you will have your own text channel within the Guild O-Day server, which will be named after your club / department / faculty name.

You can communicate with student users during the event via text (type), you will also have the ability to add images (i.e. posters of upcoming activities, photos of past events/projects), 'react' to content, send emojis / GIFs, and embed links to create on-going connections (i.e. link out to your social media, member registration forms, etc.).

By selecting this package, a minimum of one club committee member (or relevant department officer or faculty rep) must be committed to being available on O-Day between 10:30am and 2:30pm to run your channel live. Clubs may nominate up to two club reps who will be responsible for actively engaging with students, answering questions, sharing content and collecting contact info from students interested in knowing more about your club (or department or faculty, as applicable).

Voice Channel: The virtual/online equivalent to an activation package

If you request a voice channel (and your application is approved), you will have this in addition to a text channel. Therefore, all of the above applies, in addition to the below inclusions for voice channel.

We suggest a voice channel if you are keen to:

  • run activities / demonstrations that require voice and video capability
  • have access to screen sharing
  • communicate with students face-to-face (e.g. live Q&A)

Requests for a voice channel will be assessed on a competitive case-by-case basis. You must be actively doing something in your voice channel, i.e. you cannot have access to a voice channel for 'just chatting'.

A program of activities happening in various voice channels in the server across the course of the event will be promoted ahead of time through the Guild's website and social media platforms.

After applications close, you will be provided a timeslot to 'go live' in your voice channel to conduct your pre-specified activity, this will ensure activities are less likely to overlap and you receive maximum exposure / number of users in your channel whilst running an activity or demonstration.

For queries about the event if you are a club, please contact clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au
For queries about the event if you are a Guild or Curtin department, please contact events@guild.curtin.edu.au


Semester 2 Guild O-Day
Wednesday 5th August 2020
11:00am - 2:30pm 

Guild O-Day (Semester Two) takes place during the first teaching week of Semester Two during common free time. Guild O-Day exhibits a wide variety of highly appealing student services, including student-run Guild clubs, Guild and university departments and a number of external vendors. Whilst generally this event is held on campus with approx. 8000 students filling Curtin’s Sir Charles Court Promenade, this year we have had to adapt this experience into a virtual format.


Due to the current climate, Semester Two Guild O-Day will be held online only using the platform Discord on Wednesday 5th August, 11am-2:30pm.

Discord is traditionally used for gaming as a chat application, however due to its diverse functionality it is now being used across industries more broadly. Discord is free to use and can either be downloaded as an App, or is accessible through most web browsers. Virtual O-Day will still aim to satisfy many of the same aspects which feature in the regular on-campus event – highlighting clubs, Guild and university services, and will allow participation from external partners who appeal to our student market.


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