Scott Lister


Scott Lister (Illuminate)

Hey everyone! My name is Scott and I use he/him pronouns. I am a second-year humanities student studying History and International Relations, and with your help I will be running for the position of Ordinary Representation Board Member alongside Curtin’s only independent ticket; Illuminate!

As a current Humanities student, and as a former undergrad, I recognise how important the preservation and improvement of our education is.
If successful as an Ordinary Representation Board Member I will make sure that each and every student is represented, and that your voices are heard from all around campus!

I joined Illuminate, in part due to their commitment to preserve the quality of our education, but also because I truly believe that we are a ticket that holds students best interest at heart!

If I am elected to be an Ordinary Representation Board Member I will fight to return our second tuition-free week! This is an issue that affects all students equally, and not only is it critical to our study lives, but it is integral to the preservation of our quality of life and mental health!

I also wish to abolish the recycling of old iLecture material and reduce the wait times for assignment feedback. This also means supporting the efforts of our teaching faculty who are underpaid, overworked and underappreciated!

I also think it is important to recognise that not all students are equitable when it comes to educational accessibility and therefore, I promise to campaign for captions on lectures and a revision of the extension guidelines for disadvantaged students.

Vote [1] Scott Lister for Ordinary Representation Board Member!
Vote [1] Lucy Rohl for President!
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