Freya North-Hickey


Freya North-Hickey (Left Action)

Hi, I’m Freya North-Hickey. I am a socialist and activist at Curtin studying my PhD in astrophysics. I will be a National Union of Students (NUS) Delegate in 2022 with Left Action.

The current Guild has called a referendum to disaffiliate from NUS. NUS has been an organ of student activism nationally for social justice issues. For over a decade socialist LGBT officers were at the forefront of the marriage equality campaign that culminated in our victory in 2017. Last year socialist anti-racist officers helped organise Black Lives Matter rallies in defiance of the police and the courts in NSW.

None of this is possible without a strong national union run by left-wing activists. In order for NUS to remain relevant to students around the country, student guilds must remain affiliated to it. Leaving NUS would mean a weaker student movement in Australia and hamstring any future education and social justice campaigns. Left Action will continue the fight for students’ rights and social justice in NUS.

We need to fight to make NUS relevant to students around the country. Left Action supports a YES vote in the referendum. With more left wing activists in the union it will be able to organise serious campaigns to defend our education and fight for social justice.