Elizabeth Powell


Elizabeth Powell (Illuminate)

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Powell (she/her), I am a first year student studying Psychology and I will be an Ordinary Representation Board Member in 2021.

I am very passionate about equal representation for women and non-binary people, as well as increased accessibility to mental health support for Curtin students.

The past two years our education has been under attack, which has left many of us feeling unsupported and underprepared. The damage to students’ mental health has been devastating, and the extensive wait times for Curtin Counselling is indicative of the lack of support students are receiving. I want to push for increased access to mental health services, promoting awareness on CAPs, and advocating that mental health is a more than valid reason for academic extensions.

How can we call online lectures and 15 minutes videos a university education? The blended learning model has impacted our education and university experience. I understand personally how hard it has been to make connections with peers due to limited contact hours on campus. I want to bring back a vibrant Curtin life, making it easier for students to network and have fun on campus!

The past year I have been a member of the Women’s Equity Collective and have worked to further women’s representation at Curtin, creating a safe space for people on campus. I helped host events and provide support for the community, and it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. If elected, I will continue to collaborate with the collective to further engage the community.

As a member of Representation Board, I will fight to make your voice heard. I want to support your rights for quality mental health services, and continue striving for more face-to-face learning. I will listen and support you.