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Club Registration Form 2018

If you have any queries about starting a new club prior to completing this form, please contact the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au.

Club registrations are only accepted within designated registration periods each semester, as follows:
  • Semester Two 2018 Club Intake Period: 25 June 2018 - 24 August 2018
  • Semester One 2019 Club Intake Period: 26 Nov 2018 – 22 Mar 2019

No new registrations will be accepted after the 24th August, however this form remains live in order for you to view the requirements and start to prepare, prior to applying in the next intake period.

Club registration applications are reviewed by the Guild Executive Council at their fortnightly meetings. You will be notified of the outcome of your application via email, to your provided club and office bearer email addresses. 

Please allow up to three weeks for processing.

  1. Please note that this form may take up to 60 minutes to complete. The process should be significantly quicker (less than 30min) if you have read through these steps and have all necessary information on hand before getting started.
  2. Once you start the form, your progress cannot be saved, so please make sure you have set aside enough time to complete it in one sitting.
  3. At least one member of your committee must have completed online food safety training prior to lodging this form. The training can be completed HERE. To obtain your certificate, you must select all modules when commencing the training. Please save your certificate of completion (ensuring there are no special characters in the file name), and have it on hand and ready to attach before beginning the registration process.
  4. You must have filled out and signed a Club Credit Application Form prior to lodging this form. This can be downloaded HERE, and requires signatures from two of your club office bearers (preferably Club President and Club Treasurer). It should be saved as a PDF (ensuring there are no special characters in the file name). 
  5. You will need your club bank account details, including account name, BSB, and account number. You will also need to provide the names of two signatories to the account, who must both be current office bearers (not previous year's office bearers). 
  6. All documents uploaded should be in PDF format, and file names cannot contain any special characters - for example, brackets, underscores, etc.
  • 2017 AGM minutes (if you are a renewing club) or inaugural minutes (if a new club)
  • 2017 Financial Statement (renewing clubs only)
  • Full current club membership list (must show full name, student number, and email address for each member). 
  • Food Safety Certificate (see item 3 above)
  • Club Credit Application Form (see item 4 above)
  • Club Constitution (only if not using the Guild's recommended default constitution)

The office bearer's statement at the final question of this registration form also references the following additional documents:
If you have any further queries regarding the registration process prior to completing this form, please contact the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au.

Please provide the full name of your club in this section.

The acronym or shorthand version of your club name should also be provided in brackets if applicable, however we require the full version of the club name for record keeping purposes. We do also have several clubs who share the same acronym.

This is the email where the initial confirmation of your submission will be sent.

Please be aware that any further communications, after this original confirmation email, will also be circulated to the rest of your office bearers, as per the contact details you will provide later in this form.

Please introduce your club, explain what you are all about, and outline your operational objectives.

Please note that the information you provide here will become the default public description for your club, should your registration be approved.

With this in mind:

  • Be specific,
  • Be appealing,
  • Be clear, AND
  • Don't assume people have background knowledge in your particular field or area. (Avoid jargon and acronyms!)

This information is for Guild evaluative purposes, and will not be published.

This fee can be anything you like (free, $5, $10, etc.), however, Guild members must receive at least a 10% discount on their membership compared to other members.

This fee can be anything you like (free, $5, $10, etc.), however, Guild members must receive at least a 10% discount on their membership compared to other members.

All clubs must provide an email address in the name of the club as their primary public contact. The email address must be monitored at all times, and is where all general enquiries about your club will be directed.

If you do not currently have a club email account, setting one up is as simple as creating a Gmail or Outlook account (both free online email servers).

For example, if you were the Curtin Astronomy Club, your club email might look something like: curtin.astronomy.club@gmail.com.

Once your club email account has been created, we recommend giving each of your four main office bearers the log-in details, as well as anyone else within your club authourised to speak on behalf of the club.

e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc. Please provide URL links to all that apply.

Please review the Guild's current Default Club Constitution before answering this question.

If you have chosen not to accept this default constitution, you must submit your club's alternative constitution for consideration at the next question.

Please note that custom club constitutions must, at a minimum, comply with and/or address the following areas of the Default Club Constitution:

- Name of Student Society
- Objectives of Student Society
- Power of Student Society
- Membership of Student Society
- General Meetings of Student Society (including Special/Extraordinary General Meetings)
- Committee of Student Society
- Officers of Student Society
- Finances and Records of Student Society
- Manner in which surplus property of society must be dealt with if club is dissolved or de-registered.
- Such additional requirements as the Guild Council may determine from time to time.

If your club falls into multiple categories, please select the category you believe to be most appropriate to your club, with respect to your primary objectives and operations.

Please also note that the Curtin Student Guild reserves the right to select the most appropriate category at our discretion.

This includes links of any kind - whether formal or informal.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • parent associations
  • national or state-level governing bodies
  • professional associations
  • registered political parties or groups
  • branches at other universities
  • commercial sponsors / industry partners
  • Curtin Stadium (i.e. registered as a sports club)
  • Curtin School or Faculty
  • charities

The minimum number of Curtin student members required in order to be eligible to affiliate as a Guild club is as follows:

  • For clubs who have been registered with the Guild for one year or less: minimum of 10 current Curtin student members.
  • For clubs who have been registered with the Guild for one or more consecutive years: minimum of 30 current Curtin student members. (*List to be correct as of end of 2017.)

Please submit a copy of your club's most recent membership records (PDF preferred), bearing in mind that Curtin student component of your club membership base must be equal to or greater than the numbers outlined above.

Membership records must include full name, student number, email address, and Guild status for each ordinary member, as well as showing all associate members (alumni / staff / community members).

The "account name" refers to the name under which the account is registered (i.e. it should be your club name).

We are not enquiring about the type of transaction account (i.e. "Society Cheque Account").

Club bank accounts must be registered under the name of the club. If you have branches at other universities, or a parent organisation, you must establish a separate bank account for the Curtin branch of your club.

Club bank accounts are not permitted to be personal bank accounts registered in the name of an individual.

If you have any questions about how to open a club bank account, please contact the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au.

e.g. Bank West, UniBank, Commonwealth, etc.

e.g. 123-123.

E.g. 1234567

The branch where the account was opened, i.e. Curtin, Cannington, Nedlands, etc.

Bank account signatories must be current club office bearers.

All clubs require at least two signatories to their bank account, to ensure accountability and security.

Must be a Full Guild member and an enrolled Curtin student in 2018.

Must be a Full Guild member and an enrolled Curtin student in 2018.

Must be a Full Guild member and an enrolled Curtin student in 2018.

Must be a Full Guild member and an enrolled Curtin student in 2018.

One office bearer from your club is required to undertake Mandatory Online Food Safety Training. Amidst other reasons, this is to ensure that club BBQs are conducted in compliance with food permit conditions set by the Town of Victoria Park. The training will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete, and must be done in a single session (i.e. you unfortunately can't save your progress and do it in multiple sittings).

To obtain your certificate, you must select all modules when commencing the training. Your certificate of completion must then be submitted here.

It is further recommended that any other club committee member who may be involved with cooking club BBQs (or other forms of food service) throughout the year, also undertake this training, as it ensures that individuals are compliant with all food safety standards wherever food service is involved at a club event.

The Club Credit Application Form is a formal registration requirement, enabling your club to be invoiced for bookings and services redeemed through Guild-operated outlets (i.e. Kirribilli catering orders, Tav function bookings, etc.) - as a back-up precaution.

Submission of this form serves as legal acceptance of the Guild's invoicing terms and conditions, particularly verifying that you will pay any invoices issued in the club's name before the due date specified on the invoice.

All fields must be completed. In "registered club address" please provide the residential address of the person who will take primary responsibility for the club's accounts (usually the Treasurer or President).

We, the four nominated office bearers of the aforementioned club, hereby acknowledge that we have read and accepted the Guild Club Constitution as provided on the Guild Website, or have provided an alternative Club Constitution to the Clubs Officer for consideration by the Guild Executive Council.

We hereby acknowledge that we have read and understood the Guild’s expectations of our Office Bearer roles (as outlined in Club Constitution), and will endeavour to carry out the responsibilities of our roles in an appropriate and accountable manner.

In applying for these positions we agree to be bound by the Curtin University of Technology Act 1966, the Statute No. 4-Student Guild and the Guild Regulations, Rules and Policy. We further agree to act in the best interest of the Guild and all Guild members in the performance of our duties.

Furthermore, in our position as official representatives of a Guild-affiliated club, we agree to treat everyone —regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age — with respect, and also without judgment or bias.

Have you received an error message about "special characters" when trying to submit this form?

Unfortunately, our website does not allow documents or images to be uploaded that have "special characters" in the file name. Special characters include any symbols and/or punctuation - e.g. brackets, colons, dashes, slashes, etc.

To fix this error and allow your application to proceed, please rename / re-save any files you are trying to upload, ensuring you have removed any "special characters" from the file name (i.e. anything that is not a letter or a number). 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.