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Club Marketing and Promotions

Club Marketing and Promotions

Engage with your members, create value and promote your club to students!

Getting Started

Submit a Clubs Online Proposal form to tell us about your club's online events, initiative and ideas so we can offer advice with digital promotion, collaboration and work together to build a vibrant digital community to support, encourage and entertain students!

Use Trello to plan and communicate
Trello is an easy to use online application to plan content, projects and communicate with your committee on your computer or the app.

Create a card on Trello for your events, tasks or initiative and you can:

  • Add a checklist of tasks / to-do items
  • Comment and other committee members to ask questions
  • Upload documents and images
  • Ensure that everyone is in the loop!

When an event/initative is over, archive the card so your list doesn't become cluttered. You can always bring it back out of archives later.

Learn how to use Trello!

Guild Branding

Guild-registered clubs and societies are required to include the Guild logo on any promotional material produced (e.g. posters, banners, social media graphics, etc.) to ensure that students recognise that you're operating under the Guild brand.

Please use the Guild Style Guide, particularly on posters, to ensure the Guild logo is being used correctly. 

Do not:

  • distort the logo
  • change the colours
  • change the layout of the logo
  • change the font of the logo

Make the Guild logo visible against your background. If you have a dark design, use the white Guild logo.

Your Club Brand

A brand is not just a logo. It's all the things that make up what your club is about and allows people to recognise who you are and what you do. 

Create a style guide

Use the same fonts, similar colour palette and include your logo and the Guild logo on promotional materials. When you consistently use the same colours and logo, students will begin to recognise the content as belonging to your club. Branding guidelines shouldn't limit your creativity, refresh as needed but be consistent.

Need help choosing colours? Try coolors.co or paletton.com.

Your club logo
It should be simple, clean, recognisable and yours! Don’t make it too complicated.
Learn more about how to make a logo.

Tone of voice
Don’t be afraid to use casual language and slang or a more professional tone – it’s all about who you are as a club and who your audience is. Use common sense. Don’t be rude, don’t use derogatory language, etc. 

Always re-read what you’re saying and ensure that people will interpret it the way you intend them to! 


Always send a welcome email to new club members. It’s nice to feel acknowledged, especially if they’ve paid a membership fee to join your club – treat them like your customers!

Encourage them to get connected on social media to stay up to date with upcoming events and activities. Social media as is often the first interaction potential members have with your club - make sure there's something happening there!

Mailchimp has a free option that allows you to have up to 2,000 email contacts. You can upload your member list from your signup spreadsheet and easily send them emails, promotions and news about upcoming events.

If you are not using Mailchimp, or a similar program, make sure your putting your contacts in the BCC field and not the TO field when sending a normal email. This hides the email addresses so your members won’t be able to check out other members’ contact details.

Social Media

Having at least one social media presence is essential for your members to engage with your club, learn about events and to encourage potential members to join. No one wants to join a club that doesn’t do anything!

Set up your profiles

Don’t try to have a profile on every social media platform. Less is more! We suggest just a Facebook and Instagram profile as they're popular and easy to share between them, meaning less work for you and more engagement opportunities for your members.

  • Tag @curtinguild in your posts and stories to get featured on the Guild account and reach more students!
  • Make sure your @username is the same of both profiles to make it easier for students to find you.
    e.g. the Guild is @curtinguild on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Use an official club email address when signing up so if the person who set up the account is no longer an active member of the club; the committee can still access the account.
  • Include ‘@curtinguild club’ in your Instagram bio so students see that you're affiliated with the Guild.
  • Make your club logo your profile picture so you can get recognised by students.

More advice:

Making Content

Make sure you're posting regularly with updates about what your club is doing, upcoming events and memes! Don't spam your feed. Quality over quantity.

  • Students want to connect with others, share stories and get involved. Post content that facilitates conversation and discussion (e.g. interesting articles, pictures, videos, polls). Avoid too much advertising.
  • Pick the days you’re going to post and stick with it (e.g. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm). Consistency is key to developing an authentic and organic following.
  • Be authentic, not #influencer. Share your genuine updates from your club community and activities that you’ve been hosting.
  • You are students talking to other students with a common interest. Write as if you're speaking to a real person.

Canva is a free and easy to use editing program that you can create content using templates to post. Make an account for the club and give access to the relevant committee members.

Use your own photos when possible, it's more personal. If not, use free stock images from: PexelsUnsplashPixabay or Freepik.

Scheduling content
Learn how to schedule posts to Facebook and Instagram at the same time! Plan and schedule your content ahead of time to reduce stress and ensure you're posting consistently.

Create a monthly plan about the content topics you're going to post will greatly improve your overall engagement with your club.

Content ideas
Looking for ideas on what to post?

  • Introduce members of your committee
  • Do a giveaway, “tag a friend in the comments”, “Share this post for your chance to win”
  • Update on what your committee is working on
  • Ask members to share their thoughts on a topic
  • Host a FAQ where members send in questions

Creating a Community

Make your members feel like they belong to your club by offering them a sticker, card, wristband, t-shirt or something that identifies them as a member!

Getting followers
Send an email to your members asking to follow you on social media. Share the profile with your friends. Share the profile on your personal social media feeds and encourage people who are interested to keep updated there. 

If you’re an industry club, follow companies within your field. This could allow you to make valuable industry connections and networking partnerships for your members. Slide into their DMs, arrange a meeting, event or giveaway with them. You don’t know until you ask!

Give value
Make sure your members know what benefits they get! Do you have some awesome discounts, free stuff, events, networking opportunities or friend hangouts?

Explore companies like Printful to order some sweet club merch!

Promoting Events

List your event on the Guild website
Any club committee member can add an event to your club's listing on the Guild website.
You need admin access before you can upload an event. Email the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au to request admin access.

Once uploaded, your event will show on:

Already have admin access but can't remember the process? 
Contact the Clubs Officer or check out the website functionality guide.

Facebook event
Create a Facebook event to reach more students. Invite the Guild to be a co-host!
Find out how to create a Facebook event.

We can help promote your event!
Submit an application to get your event shared on the Guild social media profiles. Make sure you're active on your club social media to get students excited to attend your event!

FREE Poster Printing


All Guild-registered clubs and societies can submit poster designs for upcoming events or campaigns to be distributed throughout the Guild Precinct in the Guild's weekly poster run.

Submit a club poster by emailing the A3 portrait digital PDF to clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au. Using colour in your design is strongly recommended.

The Guild's branding and poster guidelines must be followed:

Can't find what you're after? Email the Clubs Officer on clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au 

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